What We Do

A key factor in the procurement profession’s evolution is that a typical organization spends 70% of its revenue on procured materials and services and any reduction in that 70% of spend has a direct impact in improving bottom-line profitability.

SAADHYA Consulting evolved from the use of PROCUREMENT OUTSOURCING as a key lever in transforming purchasing and supply performance to unlock significant savings and new value streams.

SAADHYA Consulting committed to transform procurement function in construction industry and give advantage to all our clients to compete with others by reducing or organizing their procurement spends.

Project Procurement

SAADHYA shall undertake complete project procurement activities from source to pay with client specific requirements and shall guarantee assured savings in the project.

Process Management

SAADHYA Offers the following process Management services for the esteemed clients

Bid Support

SAADHYA shall provide BID support services for the all the tenders in construction industry we also offer BID preparation services for the projects in Construction infrastructure.

ERP Support

SAADHYA shall provide ERP support in implementation , evaluation or providing ERP services to our clients.